Organizational Coaching

Resolve Work Related Issues Through Organisation Development Coaching

Organisation Development coaching involves coaching multiple individuals in an organisation individually or as a group in order to enable the group to change the organisation in a faster, deeper and in a more focused manner.

An organisation is highly dependent on people. And when you deal with people, there are bound to be many issues related to career, growth, employee relationships, conduct, performance etc. These issues can have a long-term degrading effect on the organisation as they are either overlooked or not dealt with. In this scenario organisational consulting helps people seek guidance or advice to deal with these problems and improve morale in the workplace. It helps teams build and maintain synergy and meet expectations with proven outputs. There are endless benefits of organisational coaching that are yet to be explored.

Our organisation development coaching practice follows the famous ARCS Model of internal marketing.

The ARCS model aims to provide a structure to the process of designing and managing transformation within the organisation without losing its true essence and spontaneity. The concept of Internal Marketing is almost 50 years old and combined with the ARCS model it is the perfect recipe for success.

Reasons You May Consider An Organisation Development Coaching Venture:

  • Merger
  • Organisational restructure
  • Conflict/lack of synergy within or between teams
  • Low morale of survivors after retrenchments
  • Team that needs to improve performance
  • A new corporate strategy, vision or culture
  • New stakeholders with new expectations of your team
  • Cut costs without destroying value
  • Changes in the external environment of organisations – require new strategy, culture or ways of working

Need Organisational Development Coaching Services?

We offer powerful ODC services to our clients. We analyse and understand the current work culture and draw conclusions for you. We also advise and create a plan of action for your employees through team coaching or individual coaching.

At PrisMind, our motto is to not change your organisation to what we see fit. It is to work with you, evaluate and help you enhance your current processes and your work culture for effectiveness and efficiency. We believe that every organisation has a different soul and all it needs is a little help to bring that soul to life.

So if you are interested to know more, then don’t hesitate to call us for a consultation.